How To Go From Red To Blonde

Do you like to change the color of your red hair? Of course, when you have red hair then you would have experienced that most people would have been staring at you.

Now that crimson mane could be probably stunning. Do you like to make ready for your adjustment for hair color? Specifically, you could have come across people who have blonde hair.

Well, it looks like quite a modification for increasing the beauty of your hair. Dying red hair into blonde-haired person could be a key step.

Do you know that the red hair dye could be temperamental? Yes, when you are washing out your hair in the shower then it would mainly have the unparalleled tendency that looks like stains.

Red just won’t go away! Are you wondering about the methods for getting the blonde color or fixing red color with the natural lighting? When you want to get rid of the red color and enjoy going from red to blonde then below are some of the steps that you could follow.

Select Your Shade

Varied type of Shades of the Red Hair is available! From Strawberry Blonde to the Scarlet are available. Not all the shades of blonde hair will be the same. Therefore, it is not quite simple for walking in the saloon for getting the blonde color. When you are not sure about selecting the shades then you could pick the celebrities who have the blonde color hair.

Not Quite Simple

When you like to make the dramatic change in your color from red to blonde-haired woman then you can follow the below procedure. When going from red to blonde-haired person professionally then you could require the multiple sessions and get the help from colorists for reaching exact color.


To lighten your hair, it is important to bleach it. It is important to know how light you like to color your hair.

  • Condition your hair regularly
  • Remove dye in hair

hair color

Choosing The Right Developer Strength

When going from red to blonde, you need to know about the developer strength of the hair. 30 volume or lower could be better! When you have higher developer number then it could damage the hair.

When you can opt to turn your hair color from red into blonde then it is necessary to ensure the following safety measures. Follow the above techniques for easily turning your hair color.